HW-UP100 Series

RO Filtration System

Sediment Filter + Pre Carbon Filter + RO Membrane Filter + Post Carbon Filter + RO Pump

Features of HW-UP 100 Series

Under-sink Type:

Use of RO membrane filter

-Average flow rate (gpd): 75 gpd

-Improvement of TDS (Total Dissolved Solids) rejection

-Meeting different water quality requirements

With booster pump (HW-UP 100M)

-A high quality booster pump can provide 100-120psi water pressure forcing water to be filtered to pass through the membrane even under low water pressure conditions


- Dimension : 325x180x430mm(WxDxH)

- Weight : 9.5kgs (HW-UP 100M)


Recommended Operating Regulation of RO

1) Need enough flushing after installation and changing filters.

2) Rate of removal and the volume of treated water will depend on water temperature, water pressure, quality of water feed  etc.

3) Product Specifications for RO Membrane.


Water Pressure


Water Temperature (°c) Capacity of treated water(ml/min) GPD Removal (%)
75GPD 4.2 25 235 89.7 93.9